Eric Diamond is the President of Westporte Capital Consultants.   Eric brings nearly twenty years of banking, lending and community development experience to Westporte Capital. Throughout his career Eric has developed a passion for helping small businesses and entrepreneurs start and expand their businesses. Eric states “there is no better professional feeling than knowing you played a part in helping someone fulfill their dreams of owning their own business.” 


Our Mission:

Westporte Capital Consultants, will strive to be Ohio's premier group of economic development specialists and consultants. Westporte Capital's mission is to spur local economic and neighborhood growth by finding innovative solutions to the toughest community development issues of our day. Through their unique skillsets  and passion for out-of-the-box thinking, the team at Westporte Capital will work to make Ohio a more prosperous, equitable, and desirable place to live and start businesses.

our solutions:

The team at WCC provides solutions to communities, CDFI's, foundations and social enterprises who are looking to implement impactful programming to address economic development issues utilizing entrepreneurship.