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Westporte Capital Consulting deeply believes that economic development can happen one entrepreneur at a time.  In this way, Westporte has created customizable consulting packages to help communities and engaged individuals better the neighborhoods they live in and serve by utilizing our packages to offer placed based economic development.  Westporte's packages are as follows:



Westporte Capital Consultants are experts at setting up high performing micro-lending loan programs.  These programs allow entrepreneurs who have been turned down from traditional funding sources the ability to access small dollar loans to fund their start-up or expanding main street business.  As part of this package, the following consulting services are offered:

  • Creation of a customizable loan policy.
  • Creation of borrower loan package to be submitted to lender for funding consideration.
  • Creation of underwriting policy and procedure manual.
  • Establish monthly reporting to track new loans, paid loans, delinquencies and charge-offs.
  • Filing of CDFI and or SBA Micro-lender application packages.
  • Implementation of a loan tracking software package. (These services will be offered through a third party and additional fees will apply).


Social enterprise:

Westporte has helped numerous organizations create social enterprises to be used for work force development as well as startup incubators. Some examples of past work include the establishment of a commercial kitchen targeted towards LMI individuals looking to enter the food business, programs designed to help ex-offenders receive workforce development, creation of a social entrepreneur accelerator to fund projects looking to solve economic development issues utilizing entrepreneurship.  These programs have created jobs, increased wealth as well as fostering a sense of community.  As part of this package, the following services are offered:

  • Due diligence around the best type of social enterprise endeavor for your community.
  • Identifying potential funding sources and community support to establish the program.
  • Providing initial consulting and experience as well as best practices for certain social enterprise programs.


entrepreneurship education

In order for a placed based economic development model utilizing entrepreneurship to succeed, the community must incorporate early training for new business owners.  Wesporte Consulting has created an innovative curriculum know as go.Biz.GROW!  This program goes beyond the basics of a business plan, and teaches integration of a meaningful life while running a successful business.  As part of this package, the following services are offered:

  • Use of go.Biz.GROW! curriculum
  • Westporte Capital will organize and teach the first cohort of entrepreneurs taking the class.
  • Westporte's staff will train the trainer.


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