Westporte Capital Consultants provides expert advice on how to create economic development solutions utilizing equitable entrepreneurship and  social enterprise.


Westporte Capital Consultants is a innovative consulting firm providing economic development solutions utilizing social enterprise. Westporte Capital acts as an economic development company, tackling some of our region's most daunting problems as it relates to equitable entrepreneurship and placed-based economic development to transform neighborhoods through small-business ownership.  Westporte accomplishes this work through activism and strategic programming aimed at improving our region's access to small business ownership for all


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Westporte Capital is pleased to announce its partnership with Back of the House Solutions!

Back of the House Solutions provides contract underwriting, back office management, grant reporting, covenant tracking and other services giving your loan fund a simple solution for outsourcing all or part of your back office.  The staff at BotHS bring a combined 50 years of back office management, loan underwriting and financial services experience to solve your companies needs.  Find out more about Back of the House Solutions and how they can help your company be more efficient and save you money at the same time.  To learn more, follow the link below....